Sineva Simulation

Ultrasound education reimagined.

Welcome to Sineva.

We create the next generation of augmented reality ultrasonography simulators. We're focused on establishing accessibility to high-quality ultrasonography education for all clinicians.

Curated teaching

Comprehensive education

Hand-tailored echocardiography curriculum tailored for independent learning, using the latest evidence-based guidelines and expert consensus.

Highly optimised

Powerful Performance

Optimised to run on standalone virtual reality headsets for maximum portability and compatibility with custom physical manikin accessories.

Flexible & Customizable

Extensive library

High-fidelity fully-adjustable library of cardiac variants and pathologies. Infinite customizability to reinforce learning.

The next generation of ultrasonography education in an accessible package. Learn more

Realistic haptics

Combining visual fidelity with advanced physical haptics to deliver an unmatched immersive experience.

Meta Quest 2 ready

Optimized to run on the Meta Quest 2 headset without an external computer.

Immersive pathology

Fully live-adjustable library of cardiac pathologies.

Active development

New features and content developed daily.

Mobile and Web app

Synchronized mobile and web applications to further enhance the simulator.

Curated teaching

Hours of augmented video tutorials for virtual hands-on echocardiography education by experts.

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